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The Matrix Plan is a most popular plan among MLM companies, network marketers, part-timers and members who want to earn through MLM business.

The Matrix MLM software compensation plan is also known as Forced Matrix plan or Ladder Plan. This is one of the most common MLM compensation plans. In fact, it used to be synonymous with the whole concept of multi-level marketing for most people. Matrix plans are denoted by a “Depth” and “Width”, both of which are fixed. The fundamental structure of the Matrix MLM software plan is classified by the width and depth of the matrix. The width and depth factors vary from matrix to matrix, such as 3 X 3, 3 X 4, 4 X 5 and so on.

How does the Matrix MLM plan work?

The way the matrix MLM plan works is simple. The default members are added to the first level and when new members are recruited, they spill over to the next level and even to other levels after that as the plan may permit. The most commonly used matrix MLM plans are 2*12, 3*9, 4*7, and 5*7. For example, when you choose a 4*7 matrix plan, you can recruit four members to the first level and the rest will spill over to later levels with a depth of seven levels.

Advantages of Matrix Plan

The Matrix plan has an array of advantages and is immensely popular in India and other Asian countries.

• Customized Matrix MLM Plans : With customized matrix MLM plans, companies can pick up a plan of their choice and even build an altogether new one with the matrix MLM software.

• Fix Width and Depth Structure : The fixed width and depth structure allow companies to easily add and keep track of new members and also locate the default members.

• Easy To Follow and Understand : The matrix MLM plan has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to understand for teams in an organization.
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